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Time to Vote for the Project QUILTING ‘Upcycled’ Challenge

Time to Vote for the Project QUILTING ‘Upcycled’ Challenge

Once again I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the incredible quilted creations made for this weeks Project QULTING Challenge – Upcycled.  Seriously!  This was a TOUGH Challenge.  EVERYTHING you used had to have had a life as something else at some point AND two materials had to have never been intended to be used in a quilt or clothing.  Sounds like fun at first…and then you start working on your idea and you have to dig through all the things you’ve been ‘collecting’ forever to find the right thing that you can cut up and sew!  Trust me – this was not an easy challenge – yet 41 folks took it on and conquered it!  Great job!

Since we had sew many projects – this is going to be another really long post!

I will post the name of the quilter above the picture of their quilt.  If you click on the quilt you’ll be able to go to flickr to read the story behind the quilt.

Before we get to the quilts – what will the quilt with the most votes win!?


In the spirit of upcycling – I’ll be giving the quilt with the most votes one pair of these fabulous bobbin earrings that I make!

Alright – now I’m going to post the quilts in the order they were submitted to the quilt and then at the bottom of this page you can vote for your favorite. You’ll be allowed to pick your top FOUR (4) quilts so keep that in mind as you’re browsing.  Click on the quilt images and it will take you to the flickr page so you can learn more about the quilt and the process the artist went through to create it.   Closer looks at each of these quilts will be coming on this blog throughout the week.  The poll will be open until 9pm CST on Friday, January 31st (aka Diane’s, the challenge giver, Birthday!!!!) .

(1) Callmelyds, Lydia Wooten

(2) Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

(3) Carla Keahey

(4) Pam Wickman

(5) joanna66604

(6 ) cinnamonchip

(7) rutigt

(8) Amanda Reid, Cotton N Lace

(9) Kim Wells, Mama Eggo

(10) megan.null

(11) sharonhuismith

(12) Quilts by Lisa

(13) Tisha Sandberg

(14) NoneSuch Exists

(15) For Quilts Sake

(16) Kelly Kroon

(17) Kristina, Snowflake McGuire

(18) Sew JJ

(19) Katelyn Pritchard

(20) Shout4Joy

(21) Sara Yeager, sayeager57

(22) miranda’s place

(23) Barbarba Moore, Waymoorefunquilts

(24) erinrebbecaz, Faller Girl

(25) Jan, Fatzaz

(26) Leah, Quilted Delights

(27) Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy

(28) Alyssa Carrion

(29) The Stylish Home

(30) waggonswest

(31) Quilties

(32) Carlotta Jean

(33) Jen Sews

(34) Sew Many Possibilities

(35) tjtruesdale

(36) virpalm

(37) Trudy Brule

(38) Kris McCoy

(39) Abby Fuller

(40) Slightly Off Quilter, Tina Benson

[polldaddy poll="7747544"]

Diane and I aren’t entered into the Public Vote but we’d still love for you to stop by flickr or leave a comment on the blog post about what you think of the quilts we created!

Quilter: Diane Lapacek

Quilter: Kim Lapacek, Persimon Dreams

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  1. So many great creations this week. I had a fun idea, maybe I will still make it to share. 2 weeks of being sick is no fun.

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