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Scrap Organization–Check!

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Featured | 1 comment

My original goal was to have my entire area reorganized and sorted before the start of the  New Year.  With the intense new system I decided to change to for sorting my fabrics it was quickly apparent that I wasn’t going to finish everything by the end of the year.  IMG_4491-001


photo by Karmen Linder PhotographyMy next goal was to get my main sewing room fixed up and then work on my scraps through January.  Well…as the end of January approached the other portion of my sewing area was still a disaster.  I had four boxes of scraps to sort out by color and I still had to organize my fat quarters.  And then, it was cold.  It was so cold that they cancelled school.  So, I made the girls a deal.  They could stay up late and watch a movie if they’d help me sort my scraps the next day.  They agreed and I crossed my fingers.  Cedi sort of flitted about and helped a little with sorting, a little with canning, and a lot with occupying Pip.  Now, Capri.  Well, Capri has focus.  She sorted an entire big box of scraps and into the proper bins!  It was amazing AND it kept me working!  If Capri was going to sort, why, I was going to sort.  Before lunch we had it all done!  I was astounded!


Here’s what the room looked like After the scraps were sorted, put away, and the table and crates taken down.  I’m ready to work now!

scrapsI sort all my scraps by color into see through bins.  It works really well..when I need a certain color I just pull the bin out and get what I need.  I’m really happy with this system.  Now, if only the scraps would go down as I made more scrap quilts.  It seems like the scraps just grow and grow and grow!IMG_5057Here’s one of my shelving units with fat quarters….IMG_5056And another one of my fat quarters all sorted and folded.IMG_5060

And..just because it’s pretty…my beautiful newly sorted fabric shelves.  Remind me when we get to the end of the year to snap another picture!  We’ll see if I can keep it this organized!

So…even though I didn’t quite make the New Year goal I’m glad it only took me one more month.  It had been one of those things that had been nagging me to do in the back of my mind as I worked on projects and took care of other things that needed to be done.  It feels so good to have it all picked up and put away!

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Nomination Time 2012 Fall Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Featured, quilt | 2 comments

Last Friday I posted about my ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’ (Quilt 138) for Amy’s Creative Side’s Fall Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  The deadline has passed for new quilts and over 600 quilts were entered into the festival – TONS of amazing browsing and goggling at quilts to be had!


It is now time to Nominate your favorite quilts to win!  I really hope you take a few minutes to nominate my ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’ – Quilt 138 for some of it’s appropriate categories.  I’m going to share with you the quilts I nominated and also hint at some categories that Quilt 138 – the Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt would fit under.  You can also vote for you FAVORITE quilt fo the entire by going to THIS LINK.  (ahem…quilt 138…)


Nominate your favorite quilts to win! To nominate, list the entry number from the Festival below. {} One nomination per category, please. Thanks for taking the time! Good Luck ~ Amy

As I was browsing the over 600 quilts entered I’ll admit I didn’t look at each post…just way too much.  The picture each blogger decided to post in the link was very detrimental in what I clicked on – definitely needed to be an eye catcher!  Here are the finalist for my nominations…

Favorite Baby Quilt

baby quilt I nominate Quilt 429  LOVE the story behind this quilt – incredible!

Favorite Throw Quilt

Amazing Tehcnicolor Dream Scrap QuiltQuilt 138 would fit in this category pretty well…  Here’s what I chose:

professional quiltedI nominate Quilt 456

Favorite Bed Quilt

bed quilt I nominate Quilt 422

Favorite Group or Bee Quilt

bee quiltI nominate Quilt 453

Favorite Two Color Quilt

2 color

I nominate Quilt 491. Stolen  Not only is this stunning work…but this quilt was stolen!  Check out the blog post to see what to do if you’ve seen this quilt!

Favorite ROYGBIV Quilt

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap QuiltAnother category my Quilt 138 would fit in…

roygbivI nominate Quilt 145.

Favorite Applique Quilt

applique quilt

I nominate Quilt 21 super cool technique to create this fun effect!

Favorite Hand-Quilted Quilt

scrabble quilt

I nominate Quilt 140.  I LOVE scrabble – this quilt is fabulous!


Favorite Home Machine Quilted Quilt

home quilted

I nominate Quilt 61

Favorite Professionally Quilted Quilt

professionally quiltedI nominate Quilt 274

Favorite Quilt Photographer

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap QuiltI’ll admit…I was pretty happy with how my photo’s for this quilt turned out.  And now that I got a new camera I can only hope to get some amazing new pictures! But below was just a wonderful way to utilize a quilt!



photography I nominate Quilt 40

Favorite Art Quilt

art quiltI nominate Quilt 26

Favorite Doll/Mini Quilt

mini quilt

I Nominate Quilt 99

Favorite Wall Hanging

walk in the woods

I nominate Quilt  502

Favorite Scrap Quilt

Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap QuiltQuilt 138 was also made entirely out of scraps…yet another option for you if you’ve found other favorites in the other categories it would fit under…

scrap quiltI nominate: Quilt 477

Alright – this post helped me figure out all my nominations!  I hope you enjoyed the little ‘peak’ I shared with you of just a few of the amazing quilts entered in this year’s festival.  Head on over to Amy’s blog  – vote, nominate, and enjoy!

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Time to Vote in Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Contest

Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Featured, quilt, quilt challenge | 0 comments

It’s that time!  The quilts are all in!  And now it’s time for you to choose your favorite quilt and cast your vote!  All voting happens over at so head over there after you peruse all the contestants.


SunShowerQuilts-Scrappy Spool Illusions

Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Challenge 2012 !!    another view .


HarleyWife57-Stacked Coins


SewCookandTravel-Framed Charms

Scrappy Roman Stripe

VroomansQuilts-Scrappy Roman Stripe


MadAKAMom-Improve Quilted

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

SewFrench-Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors


Orphan Block Scrappy Squares

Lapacek-Orphan Block Scrappy Squares *** I’ll be blogging more about Diane’s Quilt soon***

Click HERE to see Sew Cute’s Irish Chain quilt


PersimonDreams-Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt



Patchwork Penguin-Oklahoma Backroads


Renfrees-Merry Go Round


Mamajo116-Ticker Tape


Mamajo116-Scraps of Little Apples

7687918878_2c96b58035_nMamajo116-Sunbonnet Sue6850210605_c31ed223fc_n

Mamajo116-Mod Circles

TeresaMargie 1914-Theresa

7527690432_009bb0e345_nMary Val1-Scrap Jar Stars

Scrap Happens 2012

Beccas Crazy Projects-Scrap Happens 2012

So please VOTE your favorite!


AND there’s still today to get in on my little GIVEAWAY!

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Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Contest 2012 Free Form Quilt WIP Report

Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Featured, quilt, quilt challenge | 2 comments

I’m too excited about my Scrap Quilt Contest piece to blog about anything else.  Right now I’m going to show you how my quilt transformed from these nine blocks:2012-07-09 15.51.59

to this ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt’ top.  P7270067I had a difficult time deciding what was the easiest and best way to ‘blend’ my nine blocks together.  Where does one start?  I finally just started.  P7230001I chose to start with the black/white center and the orange block.  I also decided that I wanted to create somewhat of a ‘border’ for this quilt using my brown scraps.  I didn’t add those in until I started the blending process.  You’ll see how they come in to play as the quilt progresses.  This first blend seemed together very smoothly and fast.  I sort of figured this is how the rest would go as well.P7240002


I soon realized that when you’re just worrying about 3 colors (black/white, orange, and brown) it is much easier than you’re working about 5… (black/white, orange, brown, yellow and green) which was the case as I started my ‘blending’ process on the yellow block.  I also realized here that I really needed to add to the black and white center block to make it work with the rest of the pieces.  This was perfect actually because I could add in some of the colors from the color wheel to help with the blending process.

I just realized I should step back a second.  How was I ‘blending’ my blocks?  Well…I pulled out the corresponding scrap fabric containers depending on which colors I was working on.  At first I had out the black/white container, the orange scrap container, and my brown scrap container.  I made strips using the three different fabrics and then cut into the existing blocks to mix the strips in.  The orange blended into the black/white and vice versus.  Same went for the brown.  It was a lot of cutting, sewing, turning, cutting some more, and sewing.  I’m probably not explaining it very well so if it’s something you’re interested in doing I strongly recommend getting the book ‘create your own free-form quilts’ by Rayna Gillman.  She does a really good job explaining the process.


Once the yellow was blended I had to blend the green, sew it to the yellow and then piece it to the first blend I did.


My goal in piecing quilts is to always sew the shortest distance possible.  So…the next section to blend was the red and pink.


After that – purple then blue…P7270058turquoise was last.

The blending process of the quilt took me way longer than I thought I would.  I wanted to make sure that everything flowed really well together and to do that…LOTS of cutting, piecing, cutting, piecing, piecing, cutting, and more piecing was necessary.



But in the end…it was totally worth it.  My quilt top was finally pieced!  I could hardly believe it!

Next…off to Barb, QuiltsbyBarb, for the quilting!


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Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Contest 2012 – Free Form Quilt WIP Report

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in fabric, Featured, quilt, quilt challenge, Uncategorized | 1 comment

I figured it was time to show you the four other scrap blocks I created for my Free Form Scrap Quilt since I’m getting to the point of the FINALY QUILT REVEAL!!  That’s right – I just have to hand stitch the binding on and I will have a quilt to photo and enter into the Contest!  I want to show you how the last four colors came together, I’ll do one post showing the ‘blending’ of the colors and finally – a reveal!  I won’t make you wait as long between posts as I did between the first two (or at least, I’ll try really hard not too).

2012-07-06 15.07.59 I know technically the rainbow is made up of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet but…I had to make a few decisions based on what scraps I actually had to work with and the number of spaces I needed to fill on the quilt (9 – with one being the black/white center).  My next color was turquoise or aqua or teal or whatever you want to call it.  Above is a picture of my scrap bin.  2012-07-06 21.44.43

And here is how the block started.

2012-07-06 21.44.34Next up – BLUE!  I have LOTS of blue scraps so this one went together quite easily…  2012-07-06 22.38.28 Here’s how the block started.2012-07-09 14.23.53Next is my purple/violet section.  I didn’t feel like I had a lot to work with here but I think I still made it happen…  2012-07-09 15.14.18Here is the block!  2012-07-09 15.31.42 And lastly – I put together a pink block.  It was honestly difficult to decide exactly how I wanted to break the colors up but pink was a pretty easy decision.  2012-07-09 15.52.05

I knew that if I added in a pink block that at the very least my daughter, Cedi, would like the quilt :)   2012-07-09 15.51.59

And here’s a picture of the nine blocks up on my design wall.   At this point I thought I was close to the end.  Little did I know just how much time the ‘blending’ would take…stay tuned…

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